24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:22

Inviting Medical Associations to Hold Workshops in Iran Pharma 2016, the Secretariat of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition Announced

The Secretariat of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition called for holding workshops by specialized associations, together with grants for retraining during 14 to 16 of September 2016 in order to convey technical and expert knowledge and establishing a connection between the industry and research and training centers.

According to the report from the News Agency this citation states: "With regard to the fact that one of the main concerns of the people involved is to convey the technical and expert knowledge and establish a connection between this industry and research and training centers, therefore, suitable environment for holding workshops and expert seminars by scientific associations and research centers is provided, so that together with presenting the latest theoretical concepts and exchanging information, the possibility for experts and students to inspect the latest achievements and researches of the related fields is also achieved.

Therefore, with regard to the importance and necessity of the unanimous participation of scientific associations and research centers, all associations related to pharmaceutical manufacturing, production of primary and effective materials, nutritional and pharmaceutical supplements, herbal and pharmaceutical products, beauty and health care products and pharmaceutical facilities are called to hold their training programs (with grants for retraining) in this exhibition."

With 15000 m2of exhibition space and 400 domestic and international companies present, the Second International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related Industries is one of the biggest events of pharmaceutical industries in Iran and the Middle East which will be held this September in Grand Mosalla of Tehran, presenting different programs including expert speeches and panels, workshops and item reviews with the goal of showcasing the latest achievements and technologies of Iran's pharmaceutical industries, establishing connections with international research centers, presenting information regarding exporting and importing activities and introducing investment opportunities in Iran.