24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:28

First Hearing Session of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition Held in the Presence of Dr. Dinarvand

The first media conference of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition was held with Dr. Rasool Dinarvand, chairman of Food and Drugs Administration and Deputy of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade, chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries and a number of board members of the syndicate on May 24th in Iran's Food and Drug Association.

Pointing to the fact that holding the Iran Pharma Exhibition is a great opportunity, Rasool Dinarvand stated that: "We expect to enter our audience in these exhibitions, meaning the pharmacists and doctors so that they get to know these achievements. On the other hand, this exhibition is a good opportunity for pharmaceutical industries in the world and both the companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals in Iran, and those who export their products to Iran can benefit from this event." Syndicate PR reported.

He added that: "The basis of the exhibition's work is on the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries. Together with this exhibition, conventions and meetings will be held in which we hope the students can benefit from the workshops available in this exhibition for free."

The chairman of the Food and Drug Administration continued: "The goal of these exhibitions must be focused outside our borders and we must reach the place where we can freely take part in international exhibitions. In this exhibition we will try to invite the pharmaceutical authorities of the neighboring countries like Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, etc.. But the huge burden in this field is on the board of directors at the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries in the sense that they must be able to evolve our pharmaceutical strategies and focus on improving the quality, expanding exports and making the Iranian companies stand out. On the other hand, we do not consider ourselves to be the proctors and custodians of the industry, but we believe that we must support the industry and we will do just that. Therefore, the industry is running and overseeing its self.

Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition to be Held Amidst European Companies Participation

Stressing on the strong infrastructures for pharmaceutical production, Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade stated that: "The country's pharmaceutical industry is a source of national pride and we will never forget the pre-revolution era when only a trifle amount of the national production potentials was utilized and 70 percent of the need for pharmaceuticals was provided from imports. Today, however, 97 percent of our country's need for pharmaceuticals is provided by domestic production and our import rate for pharmaceuticals is below 3 percent."

He then, pointing to the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, continued: "In conditions where the country's pharmaceuticals market is ready to cooperate with all the other countries, this exhibition is a great opportunity for attracting foreign investments and since the participation of foreign countries is the priority for this version of Iran Pharma Exhibition, we will witness a great achievement after this exhibition. I can assure you that Iran Pharma Exhibition will become CPhI Iran, starting from next year, in the same line, all authorities of CPhI were also invited."

Stating the fact that we live in a region where 400 million people live and they lack any form of pharmaceutical industry, chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries continued: "Therefore, our region is considered as a great market for Iran's pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries hold pharmaceutical exhibitions so that Iranian companies are encouraged to work outside Iran. Keeping our national market, however, is always a priority."

Kebriaeizade announced that 50 companies from 14 European countries have applied for the exhibition and added that: "Fortunately, with the plans of the executive staff of the exhibition, the goal in which 30 percent of the exhibition space was to be appointed for foreign companies is realized. With less than 4 months to the exhibition, foreign companies from countries such as England, Italy, Germany, France, China, Russia, Argentina, Netherland, Belgium, South Korea, Finland, Turkey and other countries have joined in."

He added that: "The Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition was not only held to display products. This exhibition is an event in which Iranian companies can present their researches findings next to well established companies of the world. Therefore, a separate training space is devised for visitors and students can attend these training sessions for free. Furthermore, conveying their technology is the main condition for these companies admittance to the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition. Therefore, all the visitors must register prior to the exhibition. Also, several scientific associations have announced their yearly conferences in the exhibition."

Kebriaeizade announced that the second media conference of the elite members of the countries pharmaceutical system, revolving around the subject of incorporating the World Trade Organization, concurrent with the Second International Iran Pharma (14 to 16 September 2016) and continued: "One of the important subjects of the post-JCPOA era is Iran's incorporation to the World Trade Organization. Since pharmaceuticals are effective and sensitive in the negotiations' context, special attention must be given to this subject from the side of the elites and those active in this domain."

He declared that: "In the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, a separate space is appointed for studies and negotiations in which both sides are able to do the preparations for their contract with legal councils."

Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, an Opportunity for Introducing Potentials

Member of the board of directors at the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries, Dr. Naser Naqadi stated: "Holding Iran Pharma Exhibition with these ambitious goals is undoubtedly a monumental task. One of the important goals of this version of the exhibition is to diminish the culture of dependency to foreign pharmaceuticals; because the process of control and supervision has always been more harsh on Iranian companies in comparison with their foreign counterparts, yet still, they are poorly received."

He added that: "Holding different workshops in the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition will be a great boost for further incorporation of science into the pharmaceutical industries and we will ultimately be able to use the capacities of this exhibition for introducing Iranian pharmaceuticals."

Dr. Akbar Borandegi, another board member at the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries said that: "Exportation and extroversion that are stressed upon and considered to be the goals of this exhibition will only be realized through cooperation with all concerned institutions. Unfortunately, exportation is not the main concern of the authorities and this has led companies that have taken steps toward exportation to step back."

Stating that the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition is an opportunity for expanding exportation markets, Borandegi stressed that: "The exportation of the most strategic product of the country (pharmaceuticals) needs serious extreme measures and if exportation companies were to enter this field without unity and national will, they are undoubtedly facing failure."

Dr. Mohammed Abdezade stated at the concluding of this conference: "I am most pleased that the country's pharmaceutical industry has reached a point in flourishment that we are able to hold an exhibition in this scale and be sure that we will reach valuable achievements in the years to come."

He added that: "The Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition is undoubtedly an opportunity for introducing the potentials of our country's pharmaceutical industries. We hope that we can introduce Iran's pharmaceutical industries to the world with each other's help and show that we are not short of what they have achieved."