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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:30

Minister of Health and Medical Education Stresses: Necessity for Attention to Global Markets in Manufacturing Medical Equipment

In the opening ceremony of the 19th International Medical Equipment Exhibition, Dr. Seyed Hassan Hashemi said: "We ask medical equipment experts to make a point of their presence in international domains and do not forget the years before the sanctions."

In the opening ceremony at the 19th International Medical Equipment Exhibition, Dr. Seyed Hassan Hashemi, Minister of Health and Medical Education stated that: "We hope that our medical centers provide services, compatible with the latest technologies of the world in the future. Therefore, great efforts are put by the private sector so that the dependency of the country's health system to the foreign sides is diminished." News Agency reported.

He then added: "The Health Evolution Plan is a part of our responsibility that has been overlooked and now, in the post-JCPOA era, we expect importers to show their potentials and not limit their activities with the years of sanctions as excuse. They must carry on in a healthy and clear competition."

Minister of Health and Medical Education continued: "Not only those active in manufacturing medical equipment, but all who work in the health field must also consider the competitive market too and it should not be in a way that we only manufacture only the products we need for diagnosing and treating our diseases. Ministry of Health on its side, would definitely give the opportunity to those who have put health as a backer for their commitments.

If we wanted to only consider successful exporting manufacturers, the number of domestic manufacturers of medical equipment will ultimately reach 80; therefore, more efforts must be done in the field of the domestic production of medical equipment."

He added: "With 570 university and private hospitals, there is a profitable and guaranteed market for medical equipment in the country."

Dr. Hashemi continued: "Manufacturers and importers of medical equipment must pay attention to the health field. Manufacturers of medical equipment are interested in preventing any kind of imports so that domestic products get the support they want. We, too, have put our attention into this subject in the domain of resistive economy, but what prevents the complete support of domestic products is the issue of the products' quality."

The Minister of Health and Medical Education said: "Before we want to support domestic products, we are responsible for people's health and must use diagonal and medical equipment and we may face difference of opinions with the manufacturers regarding this matter." Hashemi declared that: "People's expectation in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment is that we use tools that would guarantee their health within this plan."