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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:31

Chairman of Food and Drug Administration on the Share of Production in Medical Equipment

Chairman of the Food and Drug Administration said in the opening ceremony of the 19th International Iran Health Exhibition: "Currently, 40 percent of the country's medical equipment is manufactured domestically."

Pointing to the developing mobile services of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Rasool Dinarvand said: "It has been two years since the infrastructures for this service are being developed and until now, they are almost finalized in the field of drugs and supplementary products, in progress in the field of cosmetics and hygiene, and the last phase is going to cover the field of medical equipment so that anyone, either regular people or authorities can verify their originality." Regarding the advantages of this service, he added: "Using this service, people can distinguish between original and non-original products immediately and it would become much harder for suppliers of illegal products." News Agency reported.

Saying that 570 state hospitals account for 80 percent of the clinical services in the country, chairman of the Food and Drug Administration added: "No state hospital will be able to purchase any products that lack ID or a clear receipt, registered in the website of the Medical Equipment Office."

Regarding illegal products he said: "Although the conditions for trafficking have already become difficult, cheap and low quality products are still out there. But we will try harder to eliminate trafficking because it not only damages the country in the health field, but also it damages people's health."

Criticizing some people who claim to be right, Dinarvand said: "Obviously not all the burden is on the shoulders of the Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Administration. The gentleman who says that had it been totally on the chairman of the Food and Drug Administration, he would never have barred business in Nasser Khosrow Ave. (a place in Tehran, known for its population of drug traffickers), in my opinion, has been muddying the waters, running away from his own responsibility."

Dissatisfied with the share of domestic products in this field, chairman of Food and Drug administration stressed: "Although achievements of the manufacturers in this exhibition is a source of pride, the share of domestic production in the medical equipment market is only 40 percent. We expect this number to rise to 60 percent at the end of the Sixth Plan and the import share to diminish to 40. It is a difficult but achievable task."