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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:31

Increasing Domestic Market's Share and Expanding Global Market, Main Objective of this Version of Iran Pharma Expo

The meeting of the executive staff of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition with pharmaceutical societies and holdings was held on Wednesday, May 8th in the office of the Food and Drug Administration and together with stating the details of this version of the exhibition, its main objectives and future achievements were discussed by the strategic committee.

At the beginning of this seminar, which was held in the presence of CEOs from pharmaceutical societies and holdings, Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade, chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries said: "In contrast with exhibitions inside the country where most attendees visit the booths, seminars and workshops are the main interest in pharmaceutical exhibitions in the world and fortunately, with the efforts of people involved in holding this version of Iran Pharma Expo, we are witnessing the realization of this goal." Syndicate PR reported.

Stating that one of the main goals of the organizers of this exhibition is to have it as a preliminary step for a version of CPhI in Iran, he added: "Some of the patterns for Iran Pharma Expo are actually taken from CPhI, and with attention to its execution process and the considerable increase in the number of participants, less than 5 months prior to the exhibition opening, we are hoping that we will witness a never-before-seen pharmaceutical exhibition in the region."

Dr. Kebriaeizade explained: "One of the most important activities of the holders of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition is to turn this expo into a national event by distinguishing certain target groups and certain audiences. Therefore, great efforts will be put in this version on the executive section's part, in order to provide grounds for the presence of foreign and domestic companies and it has been stressed that conveying technology and pharmaceutical equipment be the priority for companies admittance to the exhibition."

He added that: "Manufacturers and importers of drugs and pharmaceutical raw and active ingredients, cosmetics and hygiene products, food and drug supplementary, herbal products, monitoring and medical equipment, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical equipment and machinery, and distributors and suppliers of this industry are among the most important target groups taking part in the exhibition. Furthermore, doctors, pharmacists, researchers, scientists, investors, and those with ideas and technologies are among the most important audiences of this version of the exhibition.

Stressing the goals for holding an exhibition with scales this big, the chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries stated: "The process for turning the path of Iran Pharma Expo into an exhibition in the level of CPhI will undoubtedly be time consuming. But we are hopeful that we will witness this next year, through scheduled plans in the second version of the exhibition and later years."

He added that: "Members of the strategic committee of the exhibition are focusing on establishing a consulting board from heads of unions and related associations with this exhibition to utilize all their thoughts and comments in the execution of the plans."

Later on, Leila Chegini, managing director of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, explaining the execution process of the exhibition, said: "Iran Pharma is not merely an exhibition and during the three day duration of this great pharmaceutical event, it has been tried to organize different scientific and training programs, revolving around the strengths and weaknesses of the pharmaceutical industry, QR new technology, writing proposals in the pharmaceutical industry and methods for banking collaboration in this industry will be held for those who are interested, in the form of specialized workshops with classes of 60 to 100 attendees capacity. Furthermore, during talks with several pharmaceutical and scientific societies, they have announced their yearly conferences dates and grants for retraining for their members concurrent with the exhibition."

Companies from countries such as Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, and also Asian countries like India, South Korea and China have taken measures for booking booths in the Second International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related Industries (Iran Pharma) and with regard to the inclination expressed by foreign and domestic companies for presence in this version of the exhibition, it is predicted that in a month, the 15000 m2 will be completely obtained.

Furthermore, Shadmehr Rastin, member of the strategic board of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, pointing the goals of advertisements for the Second International Iran Pharma said: "Added to the educational and scientific workshops, booths are designed in a way so that if any company wanted to negotiate with foreign companies, they would have the capability to do that. Also, an international legal affairs unit has been devised in order to facilitate the process of negotiations and agreements in Iran Pharma. In order to report the exhibition news in domestic and foreign media, news bulletin will be published in Farsi and English."