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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:41

Dr. Kebriaeizade: "Iran-South Korea Agreement Accelerates Growth in Iran's Pharmaceutical Industry"

In the presence of the Minister of Health and welfare South Korea and the KPMA co., pharmaceutical representative of South Korea in Iran, a pharmaceutical agreement was signed covering areas such as GMP training and transporting production line and technology between this company and the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries.

The agreement signing session was held on Monday, May 2nd, with Dr. Chung Chin-Youb, Dr. Abbas Kerbriaeizade, chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries, Kyeong Holee, CEO of KMPA co. and executives from pharmaceutical companies of Iran and South Korea, the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries' PR reported.

Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade said: "According to the agreement signed with South Korea, the transaction of pharmaceutical information will take place in the first stage. Based on this article of the agreement, we will inform them of the information and features of Iranian pharmaceutical companies and their area of activity and in their turn, South Korea is to provide us with information on their pharmaceutical companies."

He then added: "Furthermore, based on the agreements between Iran and South Korea regarding pharmaceutical industries, several training sessions in GMP field were scheduled between the two countries. This will lead to the establishment of a productive interaction, which we hope will ultimately increase the quality level in our factories."

Kebriaeizade stated: "Regarding pharmaceutical innovations, it was decided that an expansive transaction of information must take place. Technical knowledge is of a very significant place in the pharmaceutical industry and if this technical knowledge was to be conveyed, domestic companies will be able to increase their level of technical abilities. All these will eventually help a great deal in the growth of the Iran's pharmaceutical industry."

Chairman of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries announced: "Iran's representative in these agreements is the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries and KPMA has been introduced as South Korea's representative. We hope that in the light of these agreements, we will be able to claim the position we deserve in the world's pharmaceutical market."

Delegates from Iran Pharma Exhibition were also present in this ceremony and announced the date and details of the exhibition to those who were present.