24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:41

Chairman of Food and Drug Administration: International Exhibitions are Domains to Show the Power and Potentials of the Country's Pharmaceutical Industry

In an exclusive interview with the News Agency of the Second International Iran Pharma Exhibition, Chairman of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Rasool Dinarvand, stating that holding international pharmaceutical exhibitions is an opportunity for showing the country's pharmaceutical capabilities, said: "The necessity for holding international pharmaceutical exhibitions is sensed in all the developed countries all over the world and it is of a great importance to the medical and pharmaceutical society of the country. It also bears a special interest for the people who can get to know the achievements in this field first-hand."

He added that: "The importance of holding this exhibition in this region is very high and all the efforts of the people working on Iran Pharma Exhibition is for this exhibition to reach its fully-developed state, like CPhI, so that it can be registered in the global calendar. This will be achieved in the long run."

Chairman of the Food and Drug Administration also stated that: "Since the second version of this exhibition is taking place concurrent with lifting the global sanctions on Iran, it is expected that we will have a good rapport with the organizers of CPhI and established global pharmaceutical companies and that Iran Pharma will enter the international calendar."