24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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Germany, the third largest pharmaceutical hub of the world dispatched representatives from its pharmaceutical market to the 2nd International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related industries (Iran-Pharma).

According to Food and Drug website and as cited by the Secretariat Office of the 2nd International Iran-Pharma Expo, 13 major German companies, active in pharmaceutical facilities and modern technologies will come to Iran to showcase their latest technologies in the field of pharmaceuticals and transfer technologies in the 2nd International Iran-Pharma Expo.

“Korsch”, “Mediseal”, “GEA” and “ICP” are among the biggest names present at the event. Official representatives of these companies have stated that these incorporations intend to establish pharmaceutical production lines, transfer technologies and present GMP training in an attempt to interact with professionals active in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry.

Prior to this, major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and M+R Group had finalized their presence in this event.

The 2nd International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related Industries (Iran-Pharma), will be held on 14-16 September 2016 in the Grand Musalla of Tehran, amidst the presence of several national and foreign companies.

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