24-26 September 2019
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World Pharmaceutical Industries Welcome Official Iran Pavilion in Pharmtech & Ingredients Exhibition


First World Trade Station



The 19th Pharmtech and Ingredients Exhibition as the biggest pharmaceutical event of this country, was held from November 21st to 24th, 2017 in Moscow, Russia. Iranian companies participated in this exhibition in the form of a national pavilion, organized, for the first time, by the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate, showcasing the power and unity of the Iranian market to foreign investors eager to have a share in the safest market of the region, with its strong presence in international exhibitions around the world and organizing an event on the level of IRANPHARMA EXPO.


One of the most important accomplishments of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate, aiming for expanding export markets and after three successful editions of IRANPHARMA EXPO, is to participate in international exhibitions on the pharmaceutical industries. Stressing the significance of the Russian pharmaceutical market for Iran and improving Iran-Russia trading relations, the syndicate decided to organize the first official pavilion of Iranian pharmaceutical industries, Food & Drug Magazine reported.



The Russian pharmaceutical industry, with the support of their government and international investments, have grown rapidly in the past few years. Manufacturing 90 percent of the demand for drugs until 2018 is one of this country’s main strategic objectives; an objective they are short by only 25 percent. The Russian government has put the organization of international exhibitions a priority for attracting investments and the Pharmtech and Ingredients exhibition, as the biggest event on pharmaceutical equipment, API and processing technologies in Russia, is organized with the support of their ministry of industry and trading, and the ministry of investment, annually in Moscow.


In this year’s edition, 401 companies from 29 countries exhibited their products in a space of 16,500 m2, showing an 18 percent increase in comparison with last year. During the exhibition, several training seminars were held and the number of visitors witnessed a rising trend from the first day to the last day of the exhibition. The evident point which was also pointed out in the exhibition literature as well, was the organization of three official pavilions from the countries Iran, Switzerland and Germany.


Pooyesh Darou, Huber Pharma, Biotechnology Development Fund with their four knowledge-based companies, Persis Gen, Parand Darou and the secretariat of IRANPHARMA EXPO 2018 were among the representatives of the Iranian pharmaceutical industries in this pavilion, showcasing the capabilities of the national pharmaceutical industries among the 397 other exhibitors.


Russian Pharmaceutical Market: A Target for Iranian Exporters




One of the main points for the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate from participating in international exhibitions, is the choice of the target country. Therefore, and after several meetings, with regard to the importance of the Russian pharmaceutical market on one side and the absence of Iranian companies in CPhI on the other, Phatmtech and Ingredients exhibition, in other words, the Russian pharmaceutical market was chosen as the first experience of Iranian companies exhibiting in one unified pavilion. Especially, since the importance of the pharmaceutical markets of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and most importantly Russia, as target markets for exporting and expanding pharmaceutical markets has already been stressed upon.



Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade, previous chairman of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries has also stated that: “Currently, the Russian market share only is 25 billion dollars. If we were to obtain a 5 percent share of their market, our trading balance would have been positive towards exports.


In the same line, Ali Dastras, Vice President of Taha Pharmaceutical Co., one of the companies exhibiting in the Iranian pavilion, stressing on the fact that in the current situation, exports is among the most important means for survival of pharmaceutical companies, stated that: “With regard to the fact that the Russian pharmaceutical industries are young and inexperienced, and we can say that they are falling behind in comparison with Iranian pharmaceutical companies, we should not neglect the opportunity of exporting to this new market, which is ready for new investments. The distance between Russia and Iran in comparison with the CIS countries is very short, and more importantly, the policies of both governments are designed so that they will have good cooperation in trading, especially in pharmaceuticals.


Iran Pavilion Attended more than Expectations


Professional visitors from Russia and European companies had a notable tendency to attend the Iranian pavilion. Even Iranian companies exhibiting outside the pavilion stated that the presence of Iranian companies in one pavilion and under the Iranian emblem, which was visible from all sides of the exhibition venue and the fact that the pavilion information was mentioned in the exhibition literature led to more interest on the side of exhibitors and visitors to visit this pavilion.