24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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IPH stand out in CPhI China

Iranian pharmaceutical industries, exceptional performance in the region

Partaking in the world’s biggest pharmaceutical event, IRANPHARMA EXPO 2017 is attracting a lot of attention in Shanghai. According to reports by the Secretariat of IPH 2017 from Pharmaceutical Equipment and API halls in the venue, the feedback coming from all the companies which are exhibiting in CPhI Shanghai, is unprecedented.

More than 400 exhibitors were visited by the IPH 2017 secretariat in their stands at this event. A good number of these exhibitors have registered as visitors and are already planning their September visit of Tehran; others had already booked in their stands and were enthusiastic to have their share in the biggest pharmaceutical event in the MENA region. Other exhibitors were happy to hear the news of the IPH 2017 venue expansion and will be approaching the secretariat’s HQ in Tehran in the next few days.

Some of the companies exhibiting this year will be piloting in the Iranian pharmaceutical market and have gone through months of market research and evaluation to plan their next move. Another goal for these companies is to get to know and work with Iranian companies to get their advice and feedback and build up their marketing strategy.

“The Iranian pharmaceutical market is currently one of the most potent and promising markets in the world. Iran’s performance in the MENA region has been hailed as standing out and above the work of its neighboring countries”, said one of the marketing managers present on the venue.

Hailing the good improvements in the Iranian Pharmaceutical sector, Leroy Zu, CEO of Rotech Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., said that they are looking forward to opportunities to have a bigger share in the Iranian market. He also spoke of their company’s plan, to invest in establishing a production plant in Iran in the next 2-3 years.

Listing the heavy-weight Iranian companies of the industry as their partners, he added that: “IRANPHARMA EXPO is a good platform to introduce ourselves to the Iranian pharmaceutical industries. It is not merely an exhibition, it is a bridge of communication and an opportunity for good suppliers to find partners in the Iranian market.”

Mohammad Hossein Morovati, CEO of APM, Rotech’s exclusive agent in Iran was also present in the venue. Participating in all IPH editions throughout these years, Morovati said that “Our vision of IRANPHARMA EXPO is a strategic one. Our main focus in IPH is on long-term goals and it is based on the good feedback we have received.” He then thanked Dr. Kebriaeizade, head of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries for holding this event and hoped for an even more successful edition with exhibitors and competitors to create more challenge in the market.

All the great feedback received in the past few months, what was seen during the first day of CPhI China, together with the numbers reported by the secretariat office of IPH 2017, promise a bigger, more successful and dynamic show in September.

IRANPHARMA EXPO 2017 will be held from September 12th to 14th, 2017, in the Grand Musalla of Tehran, Iran.