24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran



The Exhibition

The pharmaceutical industry in the world is known to be among the most profitable industries. On average the profit rates are estimated at the vicinity of 18 percent. The constant increases in life expectancy as the most important factor for the development of societies in the health sector, resonates with the increasing attention of the people towards health and its ever booming market. Iran, leaning on its medical and pharmaceutical experts and scientists, has always been among the countries enjoying strategic potential in the field of pharmaceuticals, treatment and the health system. According to experts, the chain of pharmaceutical knowledge is complete and the domestic pharmaceutical industry has reached the stage where it can provide for 96 percent of the domestic demand for pharmaceuticals.




In this line, the International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related Industries IRANPHARMA EXPO, having the motto “Exportation of Domestic Products” in its core, and moving towards presenting the capabilities of the pharmaceutical industries, is held annually by the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate and with the support of the ministry of health and medical education.

It must be noted that pharmacy is among the knowledge-based industries, and throughout the world, the joint production of pharmaceuticals and scientific exchange between research centers and pharmaceutical industries lead to an increase in the production capacities. Therefore, IRANPHARMA EXPO is a platform for the formation of mutual collaborations.